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ICSA Bulletin January 2016 Issue

  • Conversations with Tze Leung Lai
  • A Conversation with Karl E. Peace
  • Questions I Was Asked - Xiamen, China
  • Hints from Hans: Scientific Writing
  • Terence's Stuff: Memoirs
  • 2015 ICSA Awards
  • Statistica Sinica Co-Editors' Report
  • 2016 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium
Table of Contents
  ICSA Bulletin, Jul. 2015 Page

Editorial Staff

From the Editor 2
Xin He 
From the 2016 President, ICSA 3
From the 2015 President, ICSA 4
From the Executive Director 5
Executive Committee 
Mei-Ling Ting Lee 
Results of 2015 ICSA Election 5
2015 ICSA Awards 6
ICSA 2016 Executives and Members of the Committees 9
Past President
Wei Shen 
New Fellows of IMS 11
Statistica Sinica Co-Editors' Report 12
Call for Nominations for 2016 ICSA Awards 15
T. Tony Cai 
Report of the ICSA Annual Banquet at JSM 2015 16
Report on the 2015 ICSA-Midwest Chapter Meeting 16
Report on the 2nd ICSA-Canada Chapter Symposium 17
Executive Director 
Zhezhen Jin 
ICSA Sessions for JSM 2015 19
News from the ICSA-Canada Chapter 20
Report on the 2015 ICSA Chinese Statistics Conference 20
Hongliang Shi
Report from OICSA 22
New Professional Master's Program in Biostatistics at UCONN 23
  ICSA Financial Report: July 1 through December 31, 2015 24
Report from the Program Committee 25
ICSA Sessions for JSM 2016 27
Professional Opportunity at AMSS 28
Conversations with Tze Leung Lai 29
A Conversation with Karl E. Peace 41
Questions I Was Asked - Xiamen, China 48
Scientific Writing 52
Memoirs 53
2016 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium Committees 55
Shortcourses at 2016 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium 56
2016 ICSA Student Paper Awards and Travel Grants 62
The 10th ICSA International Conference Young Researcher Travel Awards 63
The 1st Eastern Asia Meeting on Bayesian Statistics 65
2016 China Statistics Conference in Qingdao 66
2016 International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications 67
The Canadian Journal of Statistics Special Issue Call for Submissions 68
New Journal: Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications 69
Professional Opportunity at FDA 71
Upcoming Events 72
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